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Implant Dentistry

At Richmond Fine Dentistry, we understand that your smile is an expression of your personality and the most personal and…

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Cosmetic Dentistry

  • teeth whitening
  • porcelain veneers
  • composite resin veneers
  • crown and bridge
  • composite makeovers
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Cerec Dentistry

Our patients love our cerec machine- single visit appointments as opposed to waiting 2 weeks like we used too for…

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Family Dentistry

At Richmond Fine Dentistry, we understand that your smile is an expression of your personality and the most personal and…

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The Richmond Fine Dentistry team are highly trained and adhere to a stringent hygiene and safety policy, which exceeds Australian…

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Opening Hours


Dental Hygienist

Mon: 8am-7pm   Mon: 10am-7pm
Tue: 8am-5:30pm   Tue: 8am-5pm
Wed:  8am-5:30pm   Wed:  8am-5pm
Thu: 8am-5:30pm   Thu: 8am-6:30pm
Fri: 8am-5:30pm   Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat: 8am-1pm   Sat: 8am-1pm

Parking and Transport

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What's new at RFD

Dr Harper has been attending a residency on sleep disordered breathing


He has a special interest in this area as well as TMJ issues and has been undertaking further st..

Laser Therapy Now At Richmond Fine


Laser therapy means state of the art dentistry and modern patient care all in one. Due to the nu..

Welcome to our new staff


Welcome Dr Sally Whitmore. Dr Whitmore has recently moved to Melbourne and we are very excited t..


Offer ends 31st December 2013

  1. With every exam and clean @ $245 (not inclusive of X-rays)
    A $200 deposit must be paid to secure an in chair whitening appointment. We require 48 hours’ notice to change or cancel the appointment.
  2. Zoom 4 in chair whitening is $350 ( normally $550)
  3. Take home Kit $260 ( normally $400)
  4. Forever White $550 (normally $750 without top up gel)
  5. Free whitening top up gel (1 syringe) @ every 6 monthly hygiene visit

    Complimentary Forever White Package with every course of Invisalign treatment

Dr Robert Harper

Your Dentist, Melbourne

Richmond Fine Dentistry has developed a reputation as a leading Dentist, Melbourne. Located centrally in the heart of Richmond, Vic, we promise to deliver dental healthcare of the highest quality service and professionalism.

When you entrust your smile to Richmond Fine Dentistry, you can rest assured in the fact you will receive the personal care and attention you need from the team at Richmond Fine Dentistry, Dentist, Melbourne.

Click here to contact us today for more information or to book an appointment with dentist Melbourne.

Preferred Providers

No gap dentistry on selected items

We Do More
  • Sedation

  • Knocked out tooth

  • Cancer Checks

  • Cerec

  • Sports

  • Emergency

  • Infection Control

  • Our Clinic

  • Our Team

  • Training


We understand that some people are extremely anxious about visiting the dentist and we have a few ways to assist very anxious patients which we go into further detail in your initial visit with us. One method of relaxation is to administer penthrox.

Penthrox is an analgesic, a medication used to relieve pain. Can be used in the dental surgery and self-administered by the patient so you don't have a mask covering you face all the time like the traditionally delivery of 'happy gas'. The active ingredient is methoxyflurane and it works by reducing the pain messages to the brain and spinal cord. We have found it to be very effective for our anxious patients.


Knocked out tooth

Unfortunately knocking out teeth does happen; whereby during a sporting activity or some other trauma a tooth will be knocked out, also called an 'avulsed' tooth. It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible for the best results. If it is more than 30 minutes before you can get to a dentist it is best to replace the tooth in the socket where it has come from. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not touch the root of the tooth.

Hold the tooth by the end that you would normally see in the mouth. Only wash if dirty and for no more than 10 seconds, very gently. Obviously only replace the tooth if you are confident you have it the right way around- seek a dentist straight away.


Cancer Checks

As part of every examination our Dentists and Oral health therapist will check your mouth and observe any changes- systematic examination of the tissues reduces the chance that lesions will be missed..

Oral cancer can occur in smokers and non-smokers, but certainly if you cease smoking you are reducing your risk. Alcohol consumption can also be a risk factor.



Our patients love our Cerec machine- single visit appointments for a abeautifully restored tooth, as opposed to waiting 2 weeks like we used to in the past. A much stronger alternative to the resin/composite fillings we use and certainly more attractive than the amalgam(silver) fillings we traditionally used for large restorations.



Dr Harper has a special interest in Sports dentistry and how sports drinks and other aspects sporting performance affect oral health.

We make our mouthguards in house and have invested in an excellent machine to make high performance mouthguards, which we tailor depending on your particular sport – different thicknesses and styles for different sports.



We will always accommodate a genuine emergency because we know how much people suffer when they have dental pain or a trauma to their mouth! During the week we are open every day. On weekends please 9429 0011 and your call will be diverted to our emergency number so we can assist you in some way.

Infection Control

We exceed current infection control protocols at Richmond Fine Dentistry and invest time in training our staff.  Our infection control centre from America has all the bells and whistles to help ensure we maintain a clean and safe environment for our staff and patients. All our instruments are bagged and autoclaved and we recycle the paper from the bagged instruments, so we don't feel so wasteful.  All infectious waste is collected by the appropriate authorities

Our Clinic

Our clinic – purpose built with all the latest equipment and sterilisation facilities.   Each surgery is well appointed and has Ipod players and ceiling mounted TV's for your enjoyment.   We hope you will find it a relaxing space to enjoy our magazines, chilled water, Nespresso coffee or herbal teas.  Aromatherapy and soft tunes add to the relaxing experience.  Warm towels for refreshment are just some of the extras we provide to make your dental visit that little bit better.

Our Team

Dr Robert Harper has been a dentist for 34 years.


He has a passion for his job and thoroughly enjoys the interaction with his patients, as well as the technical aspect of being a dentist.



Dr Harper is commitment to regular training for himself and our staff. We often attend training as a team and Dr Harper is always well over his quoted of Professional Development points for Continuing Education.

The team are always up to date on the CPR training and medical emergency training with Cynergex

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